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Drala Thang

Buddhist center in Helsinki

Drala Thang is a Buddhist center in Helsinki with weekly Buddhist teaching and guided meditation. In addition, the center organizes classes on weekends. The Drala Thang center is the home of the Aro gTér tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism in Finland. Everyone is welcome to learn and try the exercises of the tradition.

Mind and body exercises

One of the most central exercises in the Aro gTér tradition is shi-nè meditation. In this meditation exercise, we quiet down and let go of the flow of thought, with the goal of finding the presence of awareness. In Drala Thang, exercises and methods aimed at this same goal are taught.

The teachers

Lama Mé-sèl Gyalmo and Lama Bar-ché Dorje

Bar-ché Dorje and Mé-sèl Gyalmo, teachers of the Aro gTér tradition, are a couple living in Helsinki. They teach in Drala Thang center every week in English and occasionally also in Finnish. Their teaching style is informal, humorous and conversational.

Lama Bar-ché Dorje on the Aro gTér website.


Drala Thang offers a weekly program aimed at the public.

Morning meditation on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Lama Bar-ché Dorje guides the meditation practice and answers questions about the practice.

Teaching on Sundays at 19:30 – 21:00. Lama Bar-ché Dorje’s weekly teaching is a free-form opportunity where participants can ask him questions related to dharma and life in general.

Morning meditation and weekly lessons are organized at Koroistentie 6 A or via Zoom. Link here. Lama Bar-ché Dorje teaches in English. The voluntary participation donation for morning meditations and Sunday lessons is €11/month.

Drala Thang’s Facebook pages also have up-to-date information about the rest of the program, and the Aro events website provides domestic and international Aro gTér events.

Do you want to visit the center or participate in the lessons? Please contact us:

Drala Thang Helsinki
Koroistentie 6 A, 00280 Helsinki
dralathang [at]

Aro gTér community

Aro gTér is a lineage belonging to the Buddhist Nyingma tradition. The Drala Thang community operating in Finland is part of Aro gTér.

More information in English at other Aro tradition pages:

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